Greetings, axiologists!

The Society of Literature, Science and the Arts’ 2020 call for papers suggested humans may not only be “out of time” and “out of mind,” but also “out of energy.” Inspired by these and other provocations, the so-called “another//WORLDLY(energies)” stream has been resurrected — amidst the dual disorientation of pandemic and protest — as the “experimental engagement” known fondly as the Another Worldly Energies Symposium on Metaphysical Enterprises, aka:


Co-conspired by ten values-driven virtuosos,


strives to offer asynchronous adventures in more-than-human relationality and care. We respond to the “twin pandemics” of COVID-19 and State Violence with imaginative practices of iterative worlding, anchored by a commitment to environmental and reproductive justice. Calling upon forces whose powers persist at the limits of sensibility — the haunted & enchanted, the nonsynthetic & preorganic, the astral & ancestral, the impure & inhospitable, the vegetal & mineral, the enfleshed & unembodied, the mythic & matrixial — we counter the imperatives of settler colonialism and late capitalist meltdown by opening portals for other-worldly entities to break into this one.

Another world is virtual!